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Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration With Plasma Rich Protein (PRP) |  $600.00

At Vanity Arts we specialize in PRP Hair Restoration  treatment that is specifically designed to promote hair re-growth and restore hair loss due to age, illness, hormonal changes,  and other conditions.There are plenty of data supporting PRP treatment for both male and female pattern hair loss as well with nonscarring alopecia. The treatment involves injections of PRP as well as microneedling of the treatment area. We are careful to provide our patients with adequate local anesthesia in order to decrease discomfort. Treatment responders see hair thickening, increase in multi-hair follicles, and sometimes new hair growth 6-9 months after initial treatment, though many see results sooner.
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment of the scalp is a way for men and women to stimulate hair growth rapidly, achieving full, natural results.This advanced treatment therapy is known as Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. The non-surgical procedure adds a patient’s cells directly into the scalp. This therapy promotes wound and tissue healing from within. The effects of plasma therapy are scientifically documented and have been used in the medical world for decades.

Utilizing the PRP treatment for hair restoration may be ideal, and like many treatments, there are some side effects. Due to this, some medical conditions do not work well with PRP therapy. Consult with your PRP therapy professionals to find out more during a consultation. In general, you may not be able to receive PRP injections for hair growth if you have any of the following conditions.

  • Chronic Liver Disease

  • Skin Disease

  • Cancer

  • Metabolic Disorders

  • Have received Anticoagulation Therapy

  • Systemic Disorders

  • Platelet Dysfunction Syndromes

PRP treatment for hair loss is a therapeutic way to restore patches of the scalp to their former glory. Plasma replacement therapy works by stimulating hair follicles to encourage them out of dormancy. Each PRP injection directly applies the patient’s healing cells into the areas in dire need of assistance with hair growth. Utilizing this amazing PRP procedure is pain-free, thanks to our professional application of local anesthesia. Due to this medical strategy, patients receiving PRP hair restoration treatment do not need to be sedated and complete the procedure quickly.           

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